Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

Use a Stated Income Loans To Make Your Real Estate Project Happen

Are you looking for financing for your commercial real estate project? Have you been rejected for a conventional loan? Do you want to move forward with the borrowing process quickly? If so, then a stated income commercial real estate loan may be for you. Globe Funding can provide you with money for purchases, renovations, refinancing, consolidating debt or building working capital.

What Is a Stated Income Loan?

When you apply for a traditional loan, the lender will evaluate how likely you are to pay it back. This is primarily based on your credit history and financials. While the building itself may be considered, it is not the primary focus of the approval process.

A stated income loan is the opposite. Instead of focusing primarily on the borrower, the approval process focuses on the building. If it can generate enough income to cover the mortgage, taxes and insurance, there is a high chance you will get approved. This makes stated income commercial real estate loans great for borrowers with poor credit or who have multiple mortgages already.

Additionally, there is less paperwork involved and the process moves quickly. Therefore, it is a good option for people who want to take advantage of a time-sensitive opportunity. Whether you are buying an apartment complex, a restaurant, an office building or any other type of commercial real estate, Globe Funding may be able to help you buy it.

What Do You Need To Know?

This form of borrowing can be very advantageous. These are some of the benefits of choosing a stated income loan:

  • Low qualifying credit scores
  • High loan-to-value ratios, especially on multiunit residences
  • Large loan amounts available
  • Application only requires basic financials
  • Almost any property type welcome
  • Funds available for a variety of business needs

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